“During a time that I was struggling in

“During a time that I was struggling in my career path, a family friend moved in to my parent’s house. He was on dialysis and as we became closer, he started to teach me about the treatment. This triggered the thought that I could make a career of making a difference in peoples lives as a dialysis professional.
Later, I found an exceptional education at Dialysis Education Services. I also had a positive experience in the internship they provided that really helped me with on the job skills. Then they helped to find employment right after my graduation.
I started dialysis in 2011 for the largest dialysis company in the world on a direct referral from Michael Morales, the schools owner. Since then I have had the chance to work in a few organizations and at the end of the day it’s about the patient and what’s best for the no matter where or whom you are working for.
On another referral from Michael Morales I was hired as a vascular access coordinator for a brand new program in Bakersfield California. This was my ultimate career goal and it’s finally come true after 6 years of hard work, dedication, passion, and my mentors and peers help. I want to personally thank Michael Morales for all he and his staff do for the dialysis community and all they have done for my family and me. I will always be extremely grateful. Thank you.”
Brittany Carpenter
Vascular Access Coordinator
Riverwalk Medical Center



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